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Ami Faku Opens Up About Being Rejected Multiple Times On Singing Competitions

Ami Faku Opens Up About Being Rejected Multiple Times On Singing Competitions. Ami Faku was recently on Texx Talks speaking on auditioning on Idols SA and The Voice SA. At some point after being rejected multiple times, Ami said she often felt down denting her self-belief a little and making her question if maybe she should step away from music for a while. She also mentions that her auditions changed her life and played a huge role in her music career.

The sensational songstress Ami Faku auditioned on Idols SA two times however, was rejected at the pre-auditions of the competition In 2016. Ami Faku decided to give the hopes of her music career one last shot when she auditioned for The Voice SA where she successfully made it through the auditions and weekly elimination rounds until she reached the Top 16 spot.

“For me on The Voice, I went in there with no expectations of winning the competition or anything. It was me wanting to learn and see what I can take from that because it was a very great opportunity that didn’t come very often. I had that experience of me being rejected from other shows. I learnt that it’s not only your talent that works and it was helped me work outside the competition,” said Ami.

Ami Faku’s participation in The Voice SA opened a lot of doors for which led to finding a mentor and working with some of the top producers in the country. Through her networking, Ami was introduced to Raphael Benza of The Vth Season which led to her being featured on Eternal Africa’s Maradona (SA cover) single, and later being signed to The Vth Season. Following her success on The Voice SA, Ami launched her debut single Ndikhethe Wena which was well received by her fans and made a name for her in the music industry.

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