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Berita Is Celebrated With A Murial As An Iconic Woman In Her Home Country Zimbabwe

Berita Is Celebrated With A Murial As An Iconic Woman In Her Home Country Zimbabwe. The team was painting murals in public spaces so as to promote girl empowerment and celebrating women within the communities of Harare, Bulawayo, and Chitungwiza. For the Bulawayo phase, the project was doing murals of eight living female icons, celebrating them and also having them share positive messages to a young girl and boy who looks up to them.

“March being Women’s Month and us being in Bulawayo, we acknowledge the efforts and strides that women in arts, culture, sports and business, have made in Bulawayo and Zimbabwe as a whole. Our approach for Bulawayo was to identify 8 women that have made a name for themselves in their respective fields, whom we will paint in different locations in Bulawayo. For us, it is important to celebrate them while they are still alive and also have them share messages that will encourage a young person who looks up to or might have heard of them,” said Marcus Zvinavashe of CaliGraph.

In celebrating iconic women in Bulawayo through street art, musical artist Berita was among the eight females. Taking to social media, Berita celebrated the moment sharing snaps of her mural unveiling captioned: “Mama I made it. This week my mural was unveiled at Matlive Business Incubation Centre in Lobengula Bulawayo as part of the #GirlPowerZW project which aims to uplift my hometown with positive and inspiring images of their own people!”

The talented muso also shared her positive messages that reads: “I want young African girls to know that their voices matter they are the jewels of Africa cc @YvonneChakaX2 . Through my music and contribution I will continue to make strides that advocate for the economic empowerment of the female girl child. This is my legacy.”

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