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Prince Kaybee Stars Movement To Promote New Artists

Prince Kaybee Stars Movement To Promote New Artists. South Africa is packed with fresh talent especially musicians, however, getting the ground rolling when you’re an upcoming artist has always been an issue. Those at the top are the ones capable of bringing to talent to new heights. South African king of house music and disc jockey Prince Kaybee is one of those with a proven track record of promoting upcoming artists.

Having always been one for working with young and fresh new talent, the DJ and music producer Prince Kaybee took to social media, tweeting that there are so many potentially good records in the country, as he created the #NewMusicWednesday as he urged ne artists to promote their music under that same hashtag. “Promote your music under this tweet. #NewMusicWednesday,” tweeted the music producer.

Prince Kaybee has always been a fan of discovering new as in 2020, following his album titled Project Hope, which he announced that instead of choosing one singer, there will be ten ladies who will each get to do a song with him for the project on an album he produced and it will feature different genres. “After thinking long and hard I realized its unfair to choose one lady because of the overwhelming talent displayed. Instead I have chosen 10 winners. Each winner gets to do a song with me, we will then compile an album called #ProjectHope,” he tweeted. 

“#ProjectHope will have different genres and will give this raw talent a chance. It will be sold on all digital platforms across the internet and the artists will benefit from the sales. I will personally produce these songs and other talented musicians to give you guys quality music. It is going to test my versatility but its worth a try. #ProjectHope winners will each get amazing prizes after recording the album.”

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