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DJ Lamiez Distressed Over A 14 Year Long Struggle With Migraines

DJ Lamiez Distressed Over A 14 Year Long Struggle With Migraines. The charismatic DJ is also a well-known radio host for Metro FM and television presenter on SABC’s 1 Live Amp. Her fondness for stylish clothes has made her impossible to ignore on social media platforms. We can’t get enough of her infectious smile and lively energy on stage! However, the bike lover recently took to Twitter about a chronic medical condition.

She tweets, “I’ve suffered from chronic migraines for the past 14 years and there’s absolutely nothing worse than being in pain every single day of your life. I’ve been to the headache clinic(spent an arm and a leg),seen neurologists – the works and niks!” Followers commented with alternative treatments that she could look into and shared their sadness over the DJ’s news.

Some followers also opened up their struggle with migraines. The chronic condition sounds like a struggle for a handful of people and like the DJ, some have had similar amount of time with the condition. One follower tweeted, “19 years for me. I’ve also spent gang money on scans, MRI’s, clinics and neurologists and I won’t even get started on how expensive the chronic meds are. My current relief is reducing dairy. I’ve seen a good improvement from 4-5 attacks to 0-2 in a week.”

Almost all the responses to Lamiez’s post have been sincere and incredibly empathetic. We hope the testimonies put the DJ at ease and show that she isn’t alone in the battle with migraines. Best wishes to Lamiez!

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