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Moonchild Sanelly Goes Off At ‘Deadbeat’ Father In Latest Episode Of Her Reality Show

Moonchild Sanelly’s Fury Over ‘Deadbeat’ Father Causes A Stir In Latest Clip From Her Reality Show! A Twitter user recently shared a clip from Moonchild Sanelly’s reality show, Moonchild Sanelly WOZA, that airs on MTV Africa. We shouldn’t have expected anything less of the fiery personality because this time, she is confronting the father of her children over some serious things.

Moonchild is know for being sexually-liberated, charming and outspoken above all else. If you’re a fan of the show, you’ll know that her energy is almost tangible and that she is practically an open-book. She is amusing and we can get enough of her infectious and striking personality! If you haven’t started watching, DSTV summed up all the reasons why you need to:

The Thunda Thighs hitmaker had a touchy subject on her latest episode of her reality show in which she confronted her child’s father. “The do-er doesn’t remember, the done does.” She brings up an incident that allegedly caused her daughter to develop epilepsy. Moonchild didn’t hold back when she told the father of her child to take responsibility and even went as far as pointing to one of the cameras and saying, “Your children are going to watch this sh*t and I’m going to tell them that never date a man like your father because he is trash.”

The father of her children proceeded to walk away after the confrontation. However, summing up the clip in words definitely doesn’t do it justice! She had plenty to say after he left:

A calmer Moonchild carries on in next that clip that @2mee shares, “This is for all the single women who do want to do paternity tests but are told to pay on their own when they know they weren’t cheating. All those women that are raising kids on their own because of a runaway father.” She carries on by also advising that it’s important that these mothers should protect the children’s space and to not break their spirits because their fathers’ time to explain himself will come:

While some Twitter users felt otherwise about Sanelly’s outburst and advice, many were on her side. Conversations continue to spark around the confrontation. A supporter coined an already infamous hashtag that Sanelly used too:

We will definitely be sitting on the edge of our seats for the next episode!

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