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Boity Drops ‘She Can’ Anthem – A Celebration Of Period Power

The latest single by Boity is out now, and is already making an impact on Spotify. The track, _She Can Anthem, is a celebration of women and an affirmation that it is time for women to define for themselves what they are able to achieve without societal perceptions putting limitations on what that should be.

The new track is a collaboration between rapper, actor and businesswoman Boity and Kotex®. As part of the Kotex® #ChangeTheTune campaign, the song encourages everyone to  normalise talking openly about periods– celebrating women in all their power – with menstruation a special part of that.

“I’m so proud that my new single has dropped,” said Boity. “It’s a dope track, and it has a message that speaks to everyone. Periods are something for women to be proud of – a symbol of our glory. When I tell women to Own Your Throne, that includes celebrating menstruation and all it represents. That’s why we say #PeriodOrNotSheCan!”

The new single name checks the Kotex She Can initiative, which works to ensure that periods and period stigma never get in the way of any woman’s progress.. Kotex also asked Boity’s fans to suggest lyrics for the track, which were included in the final version of the song.

“Kotex was invented by nurses around 100 years ago, so they could keep working when they were on their periods,” said Kotex marketing manager Nthabiseng Leso. “Since then, we’ve helped millions of women live life to the fullest, and we’re working to foster the same kind of resilience for the next 100 years.”

Leso said that while more than 800 million women and girls menstruate daily, 500 million of them don’t have access to hygienic period products. Due to a lack of education, half the girls don’t even know about menstruation, when they get their first periods.

Period stigma, shame and misinformation affect the human rights of women and girls, crippling their opportunities. The Kotex She Can initiative champions women’s progress by fighting barriers caused by period stigma, promoting access to education and helping to open doors to equal opportunities.

“That’s the goal of the #ChangeTheTune campaign,” said Leso. “We want to remove period stigma, by bringing menstruation into mainstream media content – such as Boity’s great hip-hop track.”

To listen to _She Can Anthem_ and watch the video, visit YouTube, Facebook,,  or search for it on Spotify.

“I’m all about female empowerment,” said Boity. “No woman or girl should have to put her progress on hold for her period. Whether she’s menstruating or not, if a woman decides she wants to do something… She Can!”

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