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Justin Bieber set for hectic 2022 after announcing South Africa tour dates

Justin Bieber is set for a hectic 2022, judging by the dates of his touring schedule.

A global tour will see him take in all 52 states in the USA, and he will make his way through South America before heading to South Africa.

The tour has been named the ‘Justice World Tour’, and it is named after his album ‘Justice’, which was released earlier this year. Since it debuted in March 2021, it has quickly become the most-streamed album in 117 countries.

This tour represents Bieber’s first world tour since the 2017 ‘Purpose World Tour’, where he played to nearly 3 million fans. And after a turbulent 2020 which was disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, Bieber will be relieved to reconnect with his adoring ‘Beliebers’.

Discussing his excitement for the tour, Bieber said: “We’ve been working hard to create the best show we’ve ever done, and we can’t wait to share it with fans around the world. I’ll see you soon.”

Ever since he became a singer at the tender age of 13, Bieber quickly became a teenage heartthrob, and his popularity can’t be understated. It has been a record-breaking career, as he has released 6 studio albums, and he has 32 Guinness World Records to his name. Last year, he sold over 80 million albums, and he was recently named Artist Of The Year at the MTV Video Music Awards. 

But Bieber shouldn’t just be measured by the number of records he has managed to shift. He brought out a board game called Backstage Pass, which gives fans a chance to experience the glamour of life behind the stage. There has also been the Bieber shop, where fans can buy exclusive merchandise, which includes everything from t-shirts to hoodies, with the latter featuring lyrics from some of his most recent songs.

And his songs have had a huge impact on the video game industry. His song has been used as the soundtrack for games, such as Just Dance Kids, Rock Band 4, Pro Evolution Soccer, and even Fortnite, which featured his track I Don’t Care along with Ed Sheeran. Fortnite has become an iconic title, and its success has translated into the online betting arena. Fans flock in their droves to the best online casinos in South Africa to place Fortnite bets, and it continues to grow.

With the Bieber tour, he will visit Cape Town in September and then head over to Johannesburg in October.

The tour starts in May 2022, and it is expected to finish in March 2023 in Poland.

2023 will be more European in its focus, in terms of the stadiums Bieber will visit, and it looks set to be unforgettable.

With tickets due to go on sale soon, Bieber fans won’t want to miss out. And for those based in South Africa, they will be very excited.

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