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Lady Zamar Responds To An Insensitive Comment Directed At Her Following AKA’s Passing

Lady Zamar responds to an insensitive comment directed at her following AKA’s passing. Lady Zamar took a decision to not be silent about things that were said about her on social media. Lately, Afro pop singer and songwriter Lady Zamar has not been shying away from clapping back and has not been biting her tongue at her critics and trolls who utterd distasteful comments about her.

Lady Zamar took to social media to share how she feels after she clapped back at her critics recently. She took to the platform again to clap back after a troll said that it should have been her who died after the South African rapper AKA’s passing.

She shared that she has been reading and going through the negative comments about her. She added that people have been saying disgraceful things about her on a sensitive issue regarding someone’s passing. “I’ve recently watched and read a lot of the disgusting insensitive, just disgraceful commentary on an extremely sensitive matter…and it’s just yuck man”, Lady Zamar tweeted.

Moreover, the singer added that the trolls do not know the power of their own tongue and words. She shared that every disgusting thing they wish upon her will come back to haunt them. “Do you know the power of your own words?… That everything negative you wish someone comes back to you, every single thing”, Lady Zamar shared.

The singer is doing everything to protect her name.

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