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Busiswa Reacts To An Insensitive Tweet Regarding Costa Titch’s Death

Busiswa reacts to an insensitive tweet regarding Costa Titch’s death. South African singer and songwriter Busiswa Gqulu known for her stage name ‘Busiswa’ did not bite her tongue responding to what a tweep speculated about Costa Titch and artists in general.

Busiswa took to her Twitter page hitting back at a tweep that shared a video making suppositions about Costa Titch’s passing. The amapiano artist was reported dead after videos of him passing out while performing were circulating on social media. The cause of his death is still unknown.

In a video, a tweep shared that he feels sad for Costa Titch and urging managers and PR agents to check their artist’s health before performing. He further added that this should be done due to a lot of artist’s substance abuse before they get on stage.

“Just saw a terrible video of Costa Titch dying on stage and it is so sad because the guy was so talented and extremely young. This is a message to managers, PR people and agencies behind the scenes, do more to protect artists. We have to do regular check ups… Check if they are mentally and physically okay because a lot of these artists are taking drugs”, the tweep said.

Busiswa responded saying that the tweep should not have made speculations around Costa Titch’s death and alluding that he had a drug problem. She also shared that the tweep decided to overlook Costa Titch’s medical history and made speculations around the situation. Moreover, she added that the tweep has no right to tell artists how to hustle and behave themselves.

“… couldn’t wait 1more day to at least pronounce his name correctly before alluding Costa TITCH had a drug problem, completely dismissing his ignorance on his medical history. @kiddwaya You’re the son of a tycoon, you have no business telling selfmade artists how to hustle” Busiswa tweeted.

In addition, people on social media shared that the video was uncalled for and the tweep must not speak on such a sensitive matter.

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