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DJ Sbu Comes For South Africans Who Are Not Streaming ‘Mass Country’

DJ Sbu comes for people who are not streaming ‘Mass Country’. DJ and TV personality DJ dragged people who have not listened to the late rapper AKA’s album.

In his interview with DJ Fresh on WAW! What A Week podcast, DJ Sbu was asked to comment on the Mass Country by AKA released in February. He shared how good the album is and named a couple of songs that he enjoyed including Company featuring Kiddo and other few songs from the album.

“I’m listening to a track called Company featuring Kiddo. Kiddo did Fela in Versace with him, dope single. A lot of you guys have heard Prada with Khuli Chana. There’s also a dope single with Emtee and the intro of the album is amazing, it’s is called Last Time. And there’s also a dope track with Blackie”, DJ Sbu shared.

He went on to drag people who have not taken their time to listen to the piece. “If you are South African and you are not listening to the brand new AKA shame on you”, DJ Sbu.

The DJ’s statement caused an outrage on Twitter. People were not happy about the statement. The shared how they feel about the Mass Country album. “It’s not compulsory to listen to any artist. It’s a classic album but don’t diss people for not having the same music taste as you”.

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