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Watch! Amanda Black’s Cover Of “Skinny Love”

Watch! Amanda Black’s Cover “Skinny Love” – Following the release of her second album, Power, singer-songwriter Amanda Black speaks to Helen Herimbi about prophecy, popularity and power.

Beneath the fringe of her signature blue Bedoo beaded wig, Amanda Black smiles with her whole face. It’s a mischievous smile that creases up the dots lining the bridge of her nose. Umchokozo, the Xhosa facial art, has adorned her face in public for years.

She released songs that would become her critically acclaimed, multi-award-winning debut album Amazulu. The album was certified platinum, with more than 30 000 units sold, three weeks after its 2016 release.

However, the road to her second album, Power, stole Black’s smile. It was her ability to freestyle that slowly brought it back.

She took to social media to share her cover of “Skinny Love,” and she sounds incredible.

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