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Lady Du On How The Song ‘Catalia’ Came About

Lady Du on how the song Catalia came about and the story behind it . Singer and songwriter Duduzile generally known as Lady Du shared detail about her hit song Catalia.

In her interview on The Episode podcast, Lady Du opened up about what inspires her music and how everything comes together. She spoke about how her hit song titled Catalia with Junior De Rock featuring Mr JazziQ, Mellow and Sleazy is about.

The singer shared that the song is about a mixture of things that happened in her life, in particular her relationship. She said that the song is about protecting her loved ones. “I’ve always been in love with one person and we had a break up. In the song, because I’ve always been over protective, it’s a thing of showing your partner that you are over protective of them…”, said Lady Du.

What also influenced the song is her personal story and how she lives her life on a daily basis. She went on to say that the song is about her life routine and what she normally does. “I think it’s my life story because that’s why I literally said,” When I wake up in the morning, I pray, light up my phone and check my work”. That’s my routine everyday. That’s exactly what happens, I’m an easy going person and that’s how Catalia came about, protection over your loved ones, my personal life and how I live my life on a daily basis”, Lady Du shared.

In addition, the singer added that she does this with all of her music, not only in the Catalia song. She said she does not regard herself as an entertainer but someone who shares what is happening in her life through music. She mentioned a few songs that are about her life story including Umsebenzi Wethu and Dakiwe. “I like telling people my story. It’s easier to tell people your life story and put it in a song than to entertain people because you need to find what they like and what’s gonna make them happy”, said Lady Du.

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