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DJ Sbu Opens Up About How He Fell Off

DJ Sbu opens up about how he fell off. Former house music DJ and podcaster DJ Sbu spoke out about he lost all the status and fortunes that he had.

DJ Sbu is one of the South African artists who came out and spoke about how he fell off and shifted from the spotlight after the fame and luxurious life. When an artist is no longer in the lime light, people automatically think that they went broke or they fell off. DJ Sbu came out and gave clarity on his story.

Speaking on The Penuel Show podcast, the DJ explained why he is not the “famous” DJ Sbu anymore and what led to him falling off. The DJ admitted that he fell off and shared that he blames himself for that. He also shared that one of the reasons for that led him to fall off is because back in the days when he was living the luxurious life, he was over spending and that took a jab at his finances. He further added that he has learned a lot now that he has grown.

“When it comes to the finances, I’d like to say what I’ve learnt from the past, I’ve fallen off. And when I say I’ve fallen off I mean, I’ve fallen off and I’ve got myself to blame, nobody else. I’ve fallen off from those portions, from that lifestyle. I’ve lived the lifestyle. I’ve travelled, I’ve driven all these great cars, these sports cars. I’ve lived the nicest life, the celebrity life, being with other celebrities, partying and throwing house parties, I was over spending. And I think as you grow older you know better, you do better”, said DJ Sbu.

Despite the DJ falling off, he is still doing well in his respective space. The DJ launched his energy drink that is doing well and his podcast The Hustlers Corner is also growing.

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