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DJ Zinhle Responds To Critics About Her Relationship With AKA’s Family

DJ Zinhle responds to critics about her relationship with AKA’s family. House music DJ, DJ Zinhle broke her silence after she was being criticized for spending time with AKA’s family.

DJ Zinhle made trends list following her pictures with AKA’s family making rounds on social media. The pictures sparked a conversation on Twitter and tweeps were criticizing and judging the DJ. DJ Zinhle could not hold her breath any longer and felt the need to respond to trolls and set the record straight.

Making reference to the pictures posted by the DJ on her Instagram page, DJ Zinhle has been spending more time with the Forbes family. The DJ recently shared pictures of herself with the late rapper AKA’s family, her daughter and Nadia Nakai who was AKA’s girlfriend. Tweeps were not happy about her spending more time with the family so they shared their thoughts on the matter.

They shared that there is no need for the DJ to be spending time with the family as she is now married. They also shared that only her daughter Kario should spend time with the family and not her. “For a married woman Dj Zinhle to spend time with ex husband family really is a slap in the face of Murdah Bongz. it’s a situation where you will always not good enough for her no matter what you do. She’s staying with you because you safe not because she loves you”, a tweep said.

DJ Zinhle decided to go live on Instagram and address the issue of people making comments about her relationship with the family. She responded saying that people must stop adding their two cents on situations they have never been in. She went on to say people are not happy that her and AKA got along so well. She further added that people must get over it.

“I feel like a lot of people have a lot of opinion about situations they’ve never been in, in their lives. There’s a big chance that the person who’s asked me about AKA has never lost someone that they’re raising a child with. I’m still gonna shock people. I was telling Nadia to come because we’re now a blended family. I don’t get why South Africans are so scared of getting along. I think for a lot of South Africans it would have given them so much comfort if me and Kiernan never got along. You guys need to get over it… “, said DJ Zinhle.

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