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Donald Commends Sjava For Showing Some Love To Emtee

Donald commends Sjava for showing Emtee some love. Singer and songwriter Donald appreciated musician and rapper Sjava for showing a fellow artist respect and love. 

Being in the entertainment industry can be a roller-coaster. An artists may need guidance and support when things become tough. It is also good to see artists in the sphere holding each other down and showing each other support. Donald took it upon himself to applaud one the artists who continue to support his fellow brothers.

Taking to his Twitter page, Donald went on to share how Sjava has so much devotion for his fellow brother, rapper Emtee. He also shared that it makes him happy to see brothers showing love to one another and acknowledging one another. “Sjava really loves Emtee. It’s so amazing to witness brothers who genuinely love and respect each other”, Donald tweeted.

It seems like Sjava tries by all means to be there for his peers. Musician, Mlindo The Vocalist has been vocal about how Sjava has supported him in his music career and has been there for him even in bad times. Speaking to DJ Sbu on his podcast, Mlindo opened up about how Sjava was there for him when he was down.

“It was a time where I was going through the most. My name always being on the internet for the wrong reasons. So Sjava was like that grootman that was always there for me. Sjava would call me and motivate me, telling me that these things happen and they pass. He would actually send me his songs he hasn’t dropped that he felt like they would motivate me somehow. So he was just there for me”, Mlindo The Vocalist had shared.

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