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P Diddy Go Crazy Over DJ Black Coffee

P Diddy go crazy over DJ Black Coffee. Grammy award winning DJ and music producer DJ Black Coffee work shined through as  international sensation P Diddy showed him some love in a viral video.

It is good to witness South African artists flying the South African flag high with their amazing work and getting heads up from the world’s known stars. Quite a number of big international artists has given some of South African musicians who are graces international stages their flowers. DJ Black Coffee is one of the artists that have made a name for himself internationally and big stars keep on gushing over his work.

Taking to his Instagram story, P Diddy shared a video of himself talking about the DJ and showing him love. In the video, P Diddy was complaining in a good way about Black Coffee having a performance in Miami on a Sunday when they were supposed to work the following Monday. The musician basically meant that he could not miss Black Coffee’s set even though he had to work. That video showed how Black Coffee is good at what he does. After seeing the video, Black Coffee responded with a laughing emijo.

“This is a real life situation. Why is Black Coffee in Miami on a Sunday? That makes no sense. We got to work bro. Black Coffee is here on a Sunday, come on”, said P Diddy.

DJ Black Coffee has become one of the the most renowned DJ’s in the world. His work is loved and admired not only by local people but also the international audience. The Grammy award winning DJ has blessed his fans with good and timeless music. He continues to thrive and his skill and music continues to reach international stages.

His fans saluted him for being a living legend. They shared that he is an inspiration and commended him for the good work he has done for the South African music industry.


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