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He’s cool, he’s slick and chasing that kick, ThugGuru slides onto the scene as the life of the party. This 21 year old local rapper hails from Johannesburg, born and bred in the bustling streets.

Picture it: streaks of red and gold city lights, drops of rain slipping down the car window, and the pounding in your chest from the thudding bass. This isn’t a dream, this is reality.
This is ThugGuru.

We’ve all been there; hazy lines in a relationship and crossed boundaries makes for a blurry situation. ‘Slide to the crib’ speaks about two people in a hazy relationship – two people who’ve messed up. Watch HERE

ThugGuru, the talented rapper crafted this chill session staple by unleashing his freestyling prowess, infusing it with its chilled-out urban vibe. This form of writing emphasises the chilled out, city feel of the song and adds onto the long list of tricks that ThugGuru has up his sleeves.

ThugGuru’s ability to effortlessly conjure lyrics on the spot reflects his natural talent and creative spirit, capturing the essence of the bustling cityscape that influences his music. It’s just one more testament to the boundless artistry that ThugGuru possesses, proving that he’s an artist with an

arsenal of surprises waiting to be unleashed. With each track, he continues to push boundaries, leaving audiences captivated and eagerly anticipating what he’ll deliver next. The world better be ready because ThugGuru is on the rise, armed with his versatile talent and an unwavering dedication to his craft.

[Pictured: ThugGuru]

ThugGuru pulls his musical influence from the great minds behind today’s new wave of Rap and Hip- hop music, like J.I the Prince of N.Y, Lil Durk, Polo G and of course, the notorious Travis Scott. With these artists as inspiration, he’s certainly on track to releasing some bangers.

This rapper isn’t just a master of his words, but a musical mind as well, effortlessly playing the piano, guitar, and belting out soulful tunes, and wait for it…he’s got some serious drumming skills too – ask his 4 year self! But ThugGuru’s talents don’t stop there. As a child, he rocked the baseball field as the fearless team captain, choreographed show dance routines that earned him colours in dancing, and even dominated the art of public speaking, taking home the gold. Through it all, he’s been the ultimate leader, proving he’s way more than just a pretty face. This guy’s got it all, and then some!

With a mischievous streak, it was only logical that his stage name would be; ‘ThugGuru’, named after his uncle’s nickname for him (Thug) and as for the Guru part, he added that spice himself.

Besides his cheeky stage name, ThugGuru has a soft heart when it comes to his fans. He encourages others to “not be a Thug, but live a Thug life”. He strives to be an inspiration to all and show that it is possible to follow – and accomplish – your dreams.

With his undeniable grit and unwavering wit, ThugGuru is sure to be the life and legend wherever he goes.

Like a blast of warm air fogging up the windows in the car, this song makes you want to embrace the heat of the moment and have you ‘Slide To The Crib’… it’s a captivating ride that leaves audiences eagerly awaiting more from this rising star in the music industry.

ThugGuru’s much-anticipated debut music video takes viewers on a mesmerising journey filled with luxury, charisma, and a touch of romance. The video showcases ThugGuru’s signature style and his own personalised Gert-Johan Coetzee designed mask, elevating his music to new heights.

Note to Editor:
ISRC Embedded Files HERE
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Artist: ThugGuru
Lyrics: ThugGuru
Producer: Howie Combrink / The Hit Lab Recorded: Howie Combrink / The Hit Lab Mastered: Howie Combrink / The Hit Lab

Music Video HERE
Music Video Director & Cinematographer: Howie Combrink / The Hit Lab Editor: Howie Combrink / The Hit Lab

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