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Mobi Dixon Shares New Offering through ‘TEKA’ Single 

Multi-platinum selling award-winning DJ and Music Producer, Mabi Ntuli, popularly known as Mobi Dixon, releases a brand new, critically acclaimed and much anticipated music offering titled ‘TEKA‘.

Officially releasing and available on all platforms this Friday 29 September, the single can be intimately described as a broken beat Afro Tech dancefloor instrumental with a vocal chop by the DJ himself, further revealing his talents, as he proudly brings his vocal ability to light. The sound borders on a 3-Step approach with a specific groove representing the emerging subgenre.

With an undeniably impressive discography that tracks back to his debut release in 2007, Mobi Dixon’s TEKA directly translates to the meaning ‘TAKE‘ in the South African native language, XiTsonga, giving the masses something unique to embrace and love.

Expresses Mobi Dixon: “I want my fans and new followers to hear TEKA and understand my current vision, I also want them to dance and have fun when they hear it play. The production work and meaning behind TEKA as a whole is special, it’s been a learning journey to bring this to life.”

Catered especially for the dancefloor, TEKA amplifies a pulsating log drum and adds a powerful presence to the bottom end, as well as energy to its midrange. The synth work gives this tribal jam an international touch to transcend throughout the globe.

Currently on an exciting lengthy world tour that’s taken off in South Africa first, and on to countries abroad such as China, Mexico, USA, South Korea and Netherlands, Mobi Dixon is on a mission to take TEKA international while continuously placing South Africa on the world map.

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