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“Being on idols is tough,” Says Former Idol Contestant Mmatema Moremi

Making it to the 2nd place in Idols SA prove that you really are a good singer, what it doesn’t prove much is that your music career will be where you want it to be right after the show. Most people who have bee part of the show have made it big while others never got lucky.

Mmmatema Moremi was one of the contestants in Idols SA back in 2015 and people admired her, she almost won the competition because she came second. Now the star revealed that after the show her music career didn’t go as well as she had hoped.While in an interview with TshisaLive the 25-year old said that being on idols is tough.

“Being on Idols is tough, by the time it’s done, you only have two choices, to break or to break through. I was sad most times after the show, people called me names, like ‘Ma Screamer’ and created memes of me. But I decided to embrace it after Idols, if ‘screaming’ had taken me to top two, then screaming was working,” said Moremi. She halso mentioend that life after idols is all about capitalising.

Moremi isnt lazing around though becuase she released a song ‘Ke Lerato’ which is a gospel song.

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