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Dr Malinga On Why He Is Selling Water

Dr Malinga has taken an initiative to expand his business and brand by selling water  Lingas Water in 2 liter and half a liter. He expressed that his establishment was inspired by DJ Sbu who was trending for selling his Mofaya energy drink on streets and taxi ranks.

“DJ Sbu is an inspiration. He showed us how to take ourselves seriously in business and believe in ourselves. I now believe that I can start any business because he showed me it is possible. I am going all out with this water, like Sbu did with MoFaya, and take it to the streets and taxi ranks”

Linga said that he is willing to deliver the water anywhere else possible because he feel no one can live without water.

“No one can live without water, even me. So I decided to launch something everyone needs. That is how I approach all of my ideas: If I need it, I create it and then sell it,” he explained to TshisaLive. The water is bottled in his home place Hammanskraal and is only available through direct orders.

“I’ll deliver to anywhere in the world. I’ll even deliver to the moon, in whatever quantity. You say you want a million bottles and I will deliver a million bottles,” he promised.


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