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Dr Tumi On How Becoming A Medical Practitioner Made Him Broke

Multi-award winning Gospel star Dr Tumi revealed in an interview with Rams on Metro FM how venturing into being a doctor had him broke to a point of no survival. Tumi expressed how the stereotype of doctors being wealthy is overrated as he is the living proof of how difficult it got for him.

“When you get into a medical practice‚ you get excited‚ you think that you are going to be wealthy but then you realise that this thing is not as profitable as I thought and you have committed yourself to so much debt that it is a mission to get out of . Some of the debt I only recently got out of‚” he revealed.

He added that him being broke taught him a huge lesson.”I have been proper broke at a point where it was really a struggle to get by. I’ve learnt lessons that were important to learn then so when I made more I knew how to manage it.”

He has been a huge success in music as compared to being a Doctor, he said that music was his passion so when things got hard he made music. “One of the biggest mistakes we make is living lifestyles to impress people and convince them we have made it. We waste a lot of money to portray a certain image.You don’t have to do what other people are doing‚” he said.

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