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Maggz On His Beef With Bongani Fassie

8 years later still beefing with no hope to make amends

Maggz On His Beef With Bongani Fassie. South Africa is a country one can agree has celebrities that don’t pretend each other, if they wrong or dislike each other they don’t shy showing that off and constantly proving that each is better than the other. Now added to the list of musicians that are feuding is rapper Maggz and Bongani Fassie the son of Brenda Fassie who apparently have been at odds for 8 years now and are adamant that there’ll never be peace between them.

Speaking to Metro FM’s Mo Flava and Masechaba Ndlovu this week, Maggz revealed that his relationship with Fassie is “pretty much dead” now and that their attempt to iron out their issues was a disaster which pretty much proved that there can be anything between them.

“I meet this guy (Bongani) at a show in the East Rand. I was backstage and he sees me but does not saying anything. When I see him I think; ‘Cool! Let me go and say what’s up?’

“I even said to him; ‘Boy, whatever happened to us, happened. It was a long time ago. But the one thing I cry about is that your talent is not heard in the game. I don’t understand what you are doing. I wish you were here. Even if you are not doing music for us but you should be doing it for somebody else. Where are you?’ A month later he dropped Stretcher.”

Stretcher was Bongani’s attempt at a music massacre, taking shots at virtually everyone in the industry. Over the course of a few minutes he went for AKA, Maggz, Cassper and even Skwatta Kamp veteran Slikour.

“I was like; no this guy is done. I am done with him,” Maggz said.

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