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DJ Tira Reveals More On His Involvement With Babes Wodumo & Mampintsha

DJ Tira says he will never sign Babes Wodumo

DJ Tira Reveals More On His Involvement With Babes Wodumo & Mampintsha. Remember when Babes just announced the alleged abuse from Mampintsha and Tira came up with a proposition of Iscathulo Sesthathu? Well, that confused a lot of people. Pearl Thusi was sure to milk all the answers that could shed light into people’s confusion during an interview on the MTV Base Show Behind The Story.

It was speculated that Tira was trying to sabotage Mampintsha so he could win Babes’ business. Whe asked if he wanted to sig Babes Wodumo he boldly stated No he would never.

Pearl asked Tira if his statement: “we are still friends”, in reference to Mampintsha was all a front. There has been rife speculation that the pair are not on good terms but when asked (several times) Tira always said there’s peace between them. When Pearl asked him if he’s been fronting the whole time, Tira didn’t completely answer the question but from what he said the answer is: No, the pair is not tight anymore although he’ll always “love” Mampintsha.


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