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Zulu Makhathini On How He Keeps In Style

8 intereting things about Zulu Makhathini

Zulu Makhathini On How He Keeps In Style. Dash who is now goes by the name Zulu Makhathini is known for being a killer of style and always rock all the looks he fits himself into. In an interview with SowetanLIVE the star gave tips of how one can maintain a stylish lifestyle like he him.

What are your style staples?

Basic cosmetics with natural ingredients. I don’t want to irritate my skin in any shape or form. When it comes to clothes, focus on the fit. Don’t be scared to get it wrong.

What is the last thing you bought and loved?

I just found this new shaving kit, which I like a lot. Before I used to shave only when I went for a haircut. Now I shave every two days. I feel like I’m doing real men’s stuff.

What are your three must- have grooming products you can’t travel without?

Nail clipper, you can’t have long or dirty nails. Also, a toiletry bag with lotions, cologne, deodorant and a brush for my hair.

What is one grooming practice that you think men cannot skip and why?

Shaving, because even if you have a big beard, just make it look nice.

What is your top workout tip?

Focus more on the health than the aesthetic.

What did you reveal at last night’s event?

It’s a new range, Axe Gold and it’s got everything in there: deodorant, face wash. I also performed some of my new music.

The slogan for the brand is “find your magic”. What is your definition of magic?

Magic is being able to do something that can shock, surprise and entertain. You need to find a way to impact and influence people because that’s what magic does.

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