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Fifi Cooper Exposes Men In The Music Industry Who Requested Sex Prior Helping Her

FifI tells the reality of being a woman in the music industry.

Fifi Cooper Exposes Men In The Music Industry That Requested Sex Prior Helping Her. Like most industries that are dominated by men , 3 out 5 women always have a story to tell about how these men in positions asked for sex prior helping them. Fifi Cooper falls on that 3 and has opened about how as a female young artist some men will always feel the need to take an advantage of you.


“The most difficult thing about being a woman in the music industry is the patriarchy. The biggest challenge is working with guys who expect something from me. It is a challenge that nearly every women goes through in the industry. Because the industry is so male dominated, most men feel like they hold the power. We are still battling to be seen as rappers.” Said the rapper Speaking to TshisaLIVE.


Fifi said she had been approached several times by men with offers and was even told the only way to succeed was to sleep her way to the top.


“(It’s happened) a lot of times. It is really annoying because it takes you steps back. Like, you will have this song that is produced by this guy. It is complete. It is ready to go out. The day before it goes out, obviously he knows you are going to come look for the song, he tells you ‘Nah! You ain’t getting it today.’ You have to be okay with that but it is annoying. It is draining.


“We make a lot of mistakes as young artists because we are hungry and we will take anything and everything that comes to the table. So, a lot of people take advantage of that.”

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