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WATCH: Sjava Demands The Land Back From White Farmers

Sjava wants the land back!

WATCH: Sjava Demands The Land Back From White Farmers. Like most black who are so adamant on gaining full independence of the country, Sjava came out to speak of how white people should give back the land. He boldly stated that the land belongs to black and that requires no discussion.


“The land is mine, pay rent, because it is my land at the end of the day. The land needs to go back. (The government) will always dance around the issue but at the end of the day everyone knows it needs to happen, and it still hasn’t happened.”


The president’s announcement was hailed by another musician, Ringo Madlingozi who took to social media to applaud Mzansi’s number one.

“I just woke up and saw President Ramaphosa saying ‘ANC will amend the constitution to allow expropriation of land without compensation’. It’s a good step towards the people’s needs and aspirations!,” Ringo said on social media.



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