5 Reasons Why Gqom Music Is Slowly Overtaking Hip Hop In SA

An opinion piece detailing reasons why Gqom is banging over Hip Hop

5 Reasons Why Gqom Music Is Slowly Overtaking Hip Hop In SA. Reading the title probably led to some hip hop fans thinking that Gqom may never be as prominent and ‘dope’ as hip hop music nor can it ever overpower it.

Truth is you cannot tell someone anything about something they claim to love, they will try to come with all sorts of defence trying to justify reasons as to why that thing is better than the other, even so the truth is opinions can never overpower facts. In this case the fact is Gqom music is slowly becoming the pride and joy of South Africa and is fast reaching the same level as Hip Hop if not above.

Hip Hop and Gqom are the most dominant genres in SA with a huge following from all types of people but Gqom is now moving in a pace that no one wouldn’t have imagined 10 years ago, the youngsters in the game are bringing in some authentic new well-crafted stuff that just get people crazy with ecstasy (not the pill).

Here are 5 Reasons Why Gqom Music Is Slowly Overtaking Hip Hop In SA :

1.Gqom offers a sound that is purely South African, most people in SA can relate to it which makes so easy to love and listen to.

2. For recent years it has been Gqom songs that have taken the title of ‘Song Of The Year’ through the votes of South Africans, that is proof that Gqom is taking over.

3.The mere fact that everyone even little kids can sing along to Gqom songs makes it a predominant musical pride of SA.

4.Most SA Hip Hop stars copy the sound of American artists as much as they make best of their creation and are always over the top it doesn’t present something that will make them stand out as South African musicians, something original and pure. All around the world Gqom is known as SA sound, It’s not presented as a genre of party animals and barbarians as some Hip Hop stars may think of it in comparison instead it is presented as one of the signatures of the country.

5. People are looking to have fun, forget about the endless worries of the world and dance till they drop and Gqom offers just that. Most SA radio channels music charts have at least 5 Gqom songs on each list. Most people interested in making music want to be DJs that specialise in Gqom because they can see it’s major prominence and how the public is always hungry for it.


There are many reasons as to why Gqom is taking over the hearts, minds and bodies of people, a true Gqom guru would explain better but the aforementioned reasons should be enough to give a Hip Hop and Gqom Fan something to think about, everyone is entitled to their opinion after all.


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