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Slikour On How The Birth Of His Son Changed His Life

Slikour on battling depression.

Slikour On How The Birth Of His Son Changed His Life. Last week Slikour revealed that he once reached a point of major depression during the height of his musical career, but when his son was born 8 years ago that’s when thing became brighter and was sure of what life he wanted to lead.

“I knew I wasn’t taking time, I stopped loving things, a lot of people don’t know that, I just feel like: ‘Argh I’m tired’…maybe I needed a break ten years ago, but I was also tired but I never knew, I never knew I was depressed also. I was depressed…now that I know what it was…I never knew in 2010 that I was depressed, 2011 to twelve, I just needed to get away from everything, but I just thought that I’m just tired,” he said in a conversation with Riky Rick on SlikourOnLife.

Expressing his love for his son Slikour took to Instagram on the changes he brought on his life on his 8th birthday.

“8 years ago Lil Wayne turned 28 and Noah was born. It was a time when I wasn’t certain about my music career, my income or everything that I’d done in my life. The only certainty was that I’d be a dad that day. God gave me one certainty that would take all my uncertainties away. Everything I thought I had or understood about love was nothing until I [k]new what was certain. Happy Birthday to the boy that opened up my eyes to manhood. Baba Loves U” he wrote in a recent Instagram post

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