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Da L.E.S Opens Up About Being Broke, Using Drugs And Jozi Reunion

Rapper Da L.E.S has opened up about his struggles as a musician including the use of drugs and reckless use of money that had him go broke.

“I’ve been broke a couple of time. The many reports that said I was broke were not lying, I was. There were many times I was reckless with money, buying things I don’t need and spending on things that are not at all beneficial, like drugs. I’ve since learnt that I have no reason to do such things, so I hope people learn.”

Speaking to TshisaLIVE he further explained more on the Jozi possible reunion and how it failed to attend a scheduled gig.

“What really happened was that there was supposed to be a concert, an OG’s concert. Jozi was booked for the show. We were going to do the show and take it from there, but for now, I am working on my own projects. I am working on other collaborations now.”

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