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Khuli Chana, Celebrates 10 years in the Game.

Times change and new people come to the scene all the time, but when you are a legend, you remain relevant and your fans always appreciate your craft. We cannot deny the weight he carries as a rapper in South South Africa. Khuli Chana – Khulane Morule – is regarded as one of the pre-eminent Hip Hop artists in Mzansi.  We do not pronounce this faintly. He was reminded of his journey in the industry and had a reminiscence devoted to him of his First debut album, “Motswakoriginator“. The release of his album has altered his life and placed him on the chart.

He used his social influence and took the liberty to share the extraordinary work which was completed in his community – Mabatho, by aspiring artist, Thato Seboko. Remember who was behind the outstanding wall painting of HHP, we talking about the same guy. He was appreciative of the work done because it took him back to memory lane, in the commencement of his musical journey back in 2008.

 “When labels couldn’t see my vision in 08’, it left me with no choice but to go at it independently. I became “PERSISTENCE PERSONIFIED” but I couldn’t have done it without surrounding myself with true believers.”

As an artist to be able to remain in the game for 10years with creativity and consistency takes discipline, dedication and hard work. In his case, he has demonstrated reliance in his craft and has collaborated with one of the best in the game in the Hip Hop game in South Africa. He revealed his appreciation for the people who had an impact on his life; who gave him a podium to stand a chance to step to success.
He exclaimed how Shugela and Slikour incorporated him on a mixtape J.R involved him on tour and Tuks allowed him the chance to perform as a solo artist.
“Morris More introduced me to his brother-in-law Kgaugelo Maphai, who co-owned Dreamteam Management with Refiloe Ramogase and these guys changed my life, and literally tripled my dollars.”

It is amazing how we need others to get to where we need to be, no one does it by themselves. We all need the necessary push in the right direction. He went further to also mention others who have helped concerning his music video’s, the aesthetics and other features relevant. This is heart-warming, an appreciative spirit filled with gratitude is a winning spirit.

Written by: Aphiwe Theodorah Mvinjelwa

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