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DJ Speedsta Lashes Out At Disrespect From Kwesta’s Team!

DJ Speedsta Lashes Out At Disrespect From Kwesta’s Team! – We all get to a breaking point and this was evident with DJ Speedsta, he let it rain on Monday concerning the disrespect he received from Kwesta’s team on Blast.

He is known to be frank and straight forward concerning his feels on matters of the industry, especially when justice has not been practised.

He ushered to social media to pour out his emotions on the matter and stated how irritated he has been on how he has been consistently shown lack of respect. When he shared his post on Monday he highlighted the predicament he has been afflicted by, promoters, booking him without consultation.

In this case, Kwesta’s team was the rotten potato. Shared-screen grabs of conversation between him and the manager concerning his availability. He states he put out there his schedule for everyone to know he has been booked him but to his surprise Kwesta’s team share no knowledge. He says for three years without fail he has been treated as such, and enough is enough!

He said what he has revealed is just a drop in the ocean concerning the industry and if anyone has an issue, may take several seats, the star protested. 

Written by: Aphiwe Theodorah Mvinjelwa

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