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Watch! Cici’s Teary Speech For Women Based On Her Life #FixYourCrown

Watch! Cici’s Teary Speech For Women Based On Her Life #FixYourCrown – Cici was recently engaged with Pearl Thusi in a poignant conversation about her music, life, among other things in the MTV Base – Behind The Story.

She touched on the controversy of the alleged abuse against her ex – kwaito star Arthur Mafokate. The episode revealed the infringement following inclusive images circulated about herself, she revealed exclusive details on her relationship with Mr Mafokate and also confesses the reason she declined pursuing a lawsuit is due to his help in establishing her career.

The ongoing case of Busisiwe Twala, prominently known as Cici, she opened a case against Arthur Mafokate on charges of assault back in 2017.

She had to undergo an interim paralysis following she was supposedly pulled by a car for up to 300m by her former partner – Arthur Mafokate.

She took to social media to share visuals of her speech to help empower women, so, they can fix their crowns.

The speech started off with “Good afternoon ladies.”

”Women fill other people’s cup, we want our cups full and we run our cups full and they overflow “

“Once upon a time I was actually this bag and I filled it with nothing that I needed to go where I needed to go in life, things that never fulfilled me. I filled myself with so much anger because of what I had gone through and because the public had so much opinion of what I had been through.

“But I am here to remind women to stop beating up yourself about the things that don’t fulfil you as a human being.

“Stop filling your space with people do not fill you up, do not see God in you and the goodness.”

“I didn’t get rid of all the trash in my bag because I did not want it to look empty because I did not want to be considered not pretty, but then I started unpacking my bag I started surrounding myself with women that fixe my crown, Women that appreciated the God in me.”

Written by: Aphiwe Theodorah Mvinjelwa

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