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Prince Kaybee Reacts To A Fan, Men Too Need Encouragement “It’s Not Always About You”

Prince Kaybee Reacts To A Fan, Men Too Need Encouragement “It’s Men That Have The Highest Suicide Rate” – Prince Kaybee has observed and seen that far too often in our culture, either through pride or embarrassment, men live in isolation.

They don’t have close friends to celebrate their victories or encourage them in their defeats. Prince Kaybee took to social media to encourage and motivate his counterparts to hold on and keep pushing regardless of limitations, it will get better with time.

He indicated men to see the importance of living in community with other like-minded men.

It’s not an easy thing for men, although others can step up an encourage those who are struggling called to as men. But with the right tools and the right community, together we can succeed in a world that’s under attack from the enemy of our souls.

This is what the caption ha to say:

Now, a female fan came through asking Prince to address not only the women but the females as well in the issue, in which Prince differed and responded to the fan for clarity.

This is what his response had to say:


Written by: Aphiwe Theodorah Mvinjelwa

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