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Watch! DJ Sbu Reveals How Long He Has Been Promoting His Brand Shows What It Takes

Must Watch! DJ Sbu’s Relentless Hustling Spirit In How He Is Building His Brand – DJ Sbu has been sharing his experiences in entrepreneurship and how tenacity and hard work are key in an entrepreneur’s journey.

He constantly gives insight into starting how he has established his radio station venture Massiv Metro, building his MoFaya energy drink and his pastime for education and training young entrepreneurs through his Leadership 2020 initiative. Clearly partnering with CAVI Brands through Inco Bev provided a new and exciting opportunity for the Mofaya Brand.

He took to social media to showcase his MoFaya Brand packed inside a store valued at R10. 00 each. You cannot ignore the hustle that is in this man, he is a force to reckon with. Sbusiso Leope never gives up. He keeps on pushing. We can learn a thing or two from this South A African business mogul.

Sibusiso Leope has established his own school, launched his own energy drink and premium vodka, we are not astonished that the 41-year-old made his first million rands at the age of 21. He has previously shared visuals to Twitter of himself counting the money he made after an hour of selling his MoFaya energy drink on the street while giving tips to aspiring entrepreneurs.

check out the visuals below:

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