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Top 5 Best New Comers Who Topped The Charts In 2019

TOP 5 BEST NEWCOMERS THAT Topped Charts IN 2019 – The year started with a bang!

From Nominees for the 2019 South African Music Awards to fresh bangers dropped every day have been released.

We are aware that the established acts of the music industry will predominantly be the ones people observe to determine the status of the country’s music scene. Now, it’s the Newcomer of the Year category that reveals the future of our music industry and it has not disappointed us.

Let’s check out the Five musicians who have been ruling the charts this year and these are some of the findings we believe they deserve the accolades.

1 Kabza Da Small

2. Sha – Sha

3. Semi- Tee

4. Kaygee

5. Nomcebo

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