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Mlindo The Vocalist On Sjava Being There For Him When He Was Down

Mlindo the vocalist on Sjava being there for him when he was down. Singer and songwriter generally know as Mlindo The Vocalist opened up about how singer and rapper Sjava was there for him during his difficult phase.

Mlindo has had his fair share of difficulties and his musical journey has not been a smooth one. From his fued with amapiano DJ, DJ Maphorisa to being dragged by social media critics claiming his career is dead. Even though his journey has not been easy, he was fortunate enough to have people from the music industry who kept him on his feet and motivated him.

Speaking to DJ Sbu on his YouTube channel, Mlindo spoke about his relationship with Sjava and how Sjava was there to support him during the tough period of his life. Mlindo revealed Sjava would send him his unreleased music that he felt would motivate and inspire him.

“It was a time where I was going through the most. My name always being on the internet for the wrong reasons. So Sjava was like that grootman that was always there for me. Sjava would call me and motivate me, telling me that these things happen and they pass. He would actually send me his songs he hasn’t dropped that he felt like they would motivate me somehow. So he was just there for me”, Mlindo The Vocalist shared.

The singer went on to share how his song with Sjava titled Luselude released in 2022 came about. Sjava was the one who came with the idea of the song which means “the journey is still long” . They came up with the song during Mlindo’s difficult phase. He shared that it was a way of motivating him and that his life is will not be over just because of that particular period of his life.

“Then he told me after the country was open that he has been wanting to work with me but I was running away from him. I was scared that he would ask me what I was doing. Sjava felt like the song would resonate with what I was going through. He also shared that my journey is still long, and I still need to do more, I should bring the A game face and lets do it. He is the one that came with the idea of the song”, Mlindo The Vocalist shared.

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