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Author gets nominated for 18th  SA Literary Awards

Katlego Rammusa the author of Motswako The Beginnings, has been nominated for the 18th South African Literary Awards (SALA). The awards are also celebrating 17 years of advancing literary heritage and awarding 47 winning authors in total. Katlego has been writing many books to promote literature in his community in Pretoria. For him to be nominated means he can expand his passion for writing to rural communities where students don’t have access to reading books and use this opportunity to promote book clubs in previously disadvantaged areas where people have no access to bookclubs and reading opportunities. “I am not concerned about winning this award but to create awareness for writers who have given up on literature to keep writing and submitting their work, for readers to keep reading local material and support local writers so we can grow the culture of literature in communities we hail from and help our youth become a reading youth” says Katlego. Katlego describes his book as a integration of culture and lifestyle within the music industry, a concoction of African or regional hip-hop music “Motswako”, he says this type of music is the conceptualization of many melodious fusions, a distinct sub-genre of hip hop which is seminal in Africa and the diaspora.   Katlego Rammusa is the Founder and CEO of ANT Thousand Sluggard pty Ltd. He holds a national diploma in information technology (Communications Networks) from the Tshwane University of Technology. He is a Microsoft certified solutions expert and Microsoft representative council which he obtained from Broadband college.  He was also elected SRC president in 2005 at Bataung Secondary School in Polokwane where he was born. Katlego describes his childhood through the beautiful memories he would create for himself when reading books about fictional characters and how he would aspire to see himself becoming a super hero and leader for his community despite the challenges he faced growing up, he used books as a weapon to overcome great odds and make a success of his life.  Today he is an IT professional and was awarded the institutional support award at the Tshwane University of Technology in 2013. He also holds a certificate and diploma in theology and is currently studying towards theology to enhance his knowledge.  What people can expect next from Katlego is a book launch nationwide starting in Menlyn Pretoria where he will be educating readers about the history and culture of Motswako The Beginnings.  Katlego Rammusa will tour Botswana 30th and 31st October 2023 to promote the book and his literature campaign for encouraging people to read more and writers to start writing again. 

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