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Prince Kaybee Reveals What He Has Not yet Achieved Since He Is Now 30 & Finds That Childish Behaviour

Prince Kaybee Reveals What He Has Not yet Achieved Since He Is 30 Years & Finds That Childish Behaviour – Prince Kaybee  Previously Revealed Which Age He Plans To Retire and that age is 40.

Wondering how to retire early? Lots of people would like an early escape from the rat race, whether it is to travel, pursue a passion project, start a business, volunteer, or just stop working.

However, retirement planning is tricky enough when you plan to work until your full retirement age. It is even more so if you want to stop working years—or even decades—sooner.

The prominent Prince Kaybee circulated that he planned to retire from music in approximately nine years and left his Twitter followers in their feels making them look again at how they’ve shaped their lives.

“Knowing that I’m retiring at 40, that’s only ten years from now. I really need to shift gears quickly so that I achieve all the things I want in my career. Damn from next year it will be nine years left.” 

Now, he took to social media on the 26th of January 2019 to share what he finds childish behaviour, the fact that he has not bought himself a bought yet. He is a man on a mission, it is transparent his goals of retirement are progressing.

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