BET and MTV Base Culture Squad with local contributors encourage citizens to embrace human rights as their most powerful voice

Do you know your rights? Did you know that every citizen in South Africa has the right to equality, human dignity, life, freedom, and security, among many other freedoms? Our heroes in the struggle for liberation fought to make this a reality and we must always remember who we are and where we have come from as a nation and most importantly how we move forward. This is the message being carried by young celebrity voices in a bid to drive awareness and educate their peers about their human rights.  

This year, ViacomCBS Networks Africa (VCNA) is shining the light on Human Rights Day through a powerful campaign spearheaded by Senior On-Air Producer, Carla Bekker, that will remind South Africans about the sacrifices made during the struggle to achieve democracy in South Africa. The network is committed to driving campaigns across their youth brand channels that educate and inform Africans on the importance of their Human Rights.

“Our campaign speaks for itself. We encourage young South Africans to understand, respect and live their Bill of Rights. It is our responsibility as citizens to ensure that the freedoms that our heroes fought for are upheld and realised daily. As a network and content curator, we have a powerful role in driving edutainment and content that drives positive social impact across our platforms”, said Monde Twala, Senior Vice President and General Manager at VCNA. 

Contributors to this progressive campaign include transgender model, Elle Rose who holds equality and dignity as the human rights she most values and transgender illustrator Khanya Kemani agrees.  Inspirational disabled Model and Writer Jayd Dell shares her views on fundamental human rights through the campaign, as does Choreographer Lee-Ché Janecke who feels freedom of expression to be nurtured and valued in our democracy.  

To echo the words from University student, Talia Singarum, “If we all do our best to ensure that addressing inequality in South Africa is addressed and prioritised, everything else will fall into place. We all have a responsibility to speak against inequality and fight for those who are marginalised. If we do it together, we would have accomplished the goal of honouring what Human Rights Day stands for.” 

BET Africa and MTV base Culture Squad Nomalanga Shozi, Farieda Metsileng, Shamiso Mosaka, Tshego “Koke” Mosupye and “Uncle Vinny” Kabelo Vincent Mphofu, among others were equally central to the campaign, lending their voices to a very important matter.  

“South Africa has one of the most progressive constitutions in the world and is celebrated for being a protector of Human Rights. This must never be forgotten. Our history tells us that we have come from a place where human rights in South Africa were exploited daily. To prevent history from repeating itself, we need to challenge oppressive systems that undermine constitutional freedom,” says Shozi.  

Fellow MTV Base Culture Squad trendsetter, Shamiso Mosaka further echoed those comments in saying that, “All South Africans need to be passionate about giving a voice to those whose rights are violated daily, mostly women and children. When we allow citizens to violate human rights freely and without consequence, we run the risk of becoming a lawless nation,” she concluded. 

ViacomCBS Networks Africa is committed to reimagining an Africa where everyone’s rights matter from Equality, Human Dignity, Freedom and Security, Freedom of Expression, Education, Citizenship, Child Protection and more. 

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