10 Tunecore FAQs

Tunecore is a global music platform that assists independent musicians and artist to build their music careers. Tunecore offer services that help musicians to sell their music through various platforms such as Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, and more. Tunecore provide artists with resources and tools for them to build their craft, increase audience and promote their music.

Here are 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions about Tunecore:

Q: How does one gets their music published in one of the music platforms and what services does Tunecore offer? Does Tunecore own a certain percentage from the song?

A: Tunecore music publishers assist artists with the publishing of their music. The services that Tunecore publishers offer are the administration of copyrights, protecting the use of songs and collecting royalties owned from use. Pitching, music supervision and collecting royalties is a lot of work, so yes, our publishers receive 50 percent of all royalties but the songwriter will still own the song.

Q: How can one make money through music and how do Royalties work and benefit an artist?

A: An artist can make money through royalties earned by their songs.If music is streamed, downloaded, printed, sampled, pressed, transmitted and performed live in public, they will receive a revenue. Royalties benefits the artist or the owner of the song. The Mechanical royalty is paid everytime the song is reproduced, performance royalties are generated everytime the song is performed in public, and print royalties are derived from the sale of printed music materials.

Q: How is TikTok as a social platform an effective platform to successfully promote and market your music and what is enough to post on TikTok regarding your music?

A: Tiktok has become a major social platform for promoting, marketing music, and showcasing personality as an artist. Sharing music on the platform can build your audience.Tunecore find Tiktok as an effective platform to market and promote music. Generally, posting 3- 5 videos per week is recommended by Tunecore. You can start posting daily when you have found your groove and feel confident on your content. Be on the look out for other artists in your genre and you will get a sense of how much is ‘too’ much.

Q: As an upcoming artist, what can Tunecore help me with in terms of distributing my song to radio stations, and will my song reach a bigger audience?

A: Tunecore help artists do some research, plan a Radio campaign and figure out a budget. After going through this process your song will be submitted to a particular radio station. If it is a major radio station, your song will reach a bigger audience.

Q: If one records their song from home without a lot of resources and equipments will the song be of high quality and what recording softwares does Tunecore recommend that one can use to record high quality music?

A: It is easier to create and release music these days. You can create music at the comfort of your own home.Yes, the quality will be the best quality if using the right equipment and software. Tunecore recommend artists to record music in a computer and use the Recording Gear and Music Software.

Q: How can one sell their song to platforms such as Deezer, and Apple Music, and how can one make money by selling music to these platforms.

A: Tunecore help artists sell their music by distributing it to major streaming platforms, Deezer, Apple Music and more and people will stream the music through these platforms and an artist will start making money.

Q: How do I know that a song is ready for distribution, and what can one use to ensure that their music is ready for distribution with Tunecore?

A: Tunecore has a checklist of things to do before distributing a song. An artist will know when their music is ready for distribution when their audios have the required format and when they have ticked off the audio format checklist and converted the song. The song will be ready for distribution.

Q: Is there a huge difference between a publishing administrator and a Performing Rights Organisation? If there is a difference, what is it?

A: A publishing administrator and a Performing Rights Organisation are separate entities performing different tasks but have the same goal. These two play a major role in the career of the song writer.

Q: What does Tunecore’s Release Planning Guide include?

A: There is a pre- releasing of music that includes the creative process, the uploading process. After going through the above-mentioned processes, you can release your music.

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