S.A Musicians With Partners Unknown By The Public

List of S.A stars with private relationships

S.A Musicians With Partners Unknown By The Public. While some public figures are always eager to show off their love for everyone to know and possibly envy – others feel differently of such and just want to keep the public off of their personal affairs.


When you famous it’s usually hard to keep your personal life private with all the paparazzi lurking around and nosy people poking their nose in your business. S.A musicians suffer just the same ambush but others do have a way of taking control by blocking the public through denying them access in any way closer to them.

The list of artists listed below all have partners that aren’t in the public eye, we have heard of them but we don’t know their faces and it seems they won’t show off anytime soon. Being away from the public allows one to be free in his/her own skin without being pressured and followed by media.

Here’s a list of S.A Musicians With Partners Unknown By The Public :

1.Sho Madjozi


2.Jub Jub

3.Mobi Dixon




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