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Moonchild Speaks on Why She Loves Zodwa & What She Plans To Teach The Black Child

Moonchild Speaks on Why She Loves Zodwa & What She Plans To Teach The Black Child – Zodwa Wabantu previously got tongues wagging when she gave social media followers a front-row seat in the procedure room when she underwent vaginal rejuvenation/vaginal tightening treatment.

They are both sexually unconventional, in line with Zodwa’s newfound “obsession” with staying young and fresh and authentic. 

Moonchild Sanelly left viewers of “Real Goboza” shocked when she did the unexpected on the prime time gossip show. 

Known for her outlandish style, the singer stunned viewers and the show’s presenters alike when she lifted up her skirt and showed her buttocks. She explains why she adores Zodwa.

“We were talking together at the Durban July”

She is awesome, she is exactly what you see” I love Zodwa

“When I talk about people that stand for pussy power, Zodwa is like Pussy power in socials.

According to Moonchild Zodwa is one of the people that stands out In South Africa, authenticity is key. She speaks on how she persistently learns and builds her identity, who she is. And also Sanele does not have the word try in her vocabulary. She reminds her close friends of that all the time.

My whole mission is to teach the blak child to go back and rewrite their story and dream, and know that they can dream bigger”

She asserts that she is a willing vessel, ready to portray to the world who she is and how she is bold and authentic to herself. She believes she speaks her reality into existence, if she mentions it, then it will transpire.

“When I wrote down in the past 10 years that I will have a collaboration with Beyonce, my dream came through, so, who are you to tell me that it is not going to happen, it’s my dream, my path.”

Watch the full interview:

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