Top 5 Hottest Scandals By S.A Musicians So Far In 2018

List of the lit celebrity news that were mostly viewed.

Top 5 Hottest Scandal To Hit S.A By SA Musicians So Far. A lot has taken place by far in 2018 but what made the year even more interesting for most South Africans is the scandals that have been taking place in the lives of S.A musicians.


The drama surrounding these celebrities make others wish nothing to do with fame, the fact that all your business becomes public can be stressful on it’s own.


Listed here are just 5 of many scandals to take place in the lives of our favourite musicians.


Top 5 Hottest Scandal To Hit S.A By SA Musicians So Far :


1.Babes Wodumo And Mampintsha’s Abuse Allegations and Break-Up.

These two have been dominating the news publications reporting on their drama. Babes claimed to have been abused by Mampintsha who blatantly denied the claims.

2.AKA Dropping A Song Dissing His Ex-Lover Bonang.

The song is titled Beyoncé which most believe is an indirect direction at Bonang. The song tickled a lot of curiosity from fans who were eager to hear what AKA had to say post his break to the Queen B. The song had indeed some lit bars that were enough to give an idea that the two didn’t have a smooth break up.

3.Black Coffee Performing In Israel.

His performance in one of the most disregarded countries in the world for it’s ways of living and treating others moved a lot of people who felt he was a hypocrite. The DJ defended himself saying he is not involved in any political business he’s just a musician.

4.Dj Tira Increasing Cost Of ‘Chikichitaaaaa’

Dj Tira shocked a lot of people when he said everyone now should pay an amount of R50 000 for saying chikichitaaaa in their music. Twitter users thought of this as ridiculous but the Afrotainment boss was serious.

5.DJ Speedsta’s rant on how Shane and Frank Casino shut him out.

Even though he has now apolgised for his rant DJ Speedsta really got the attention he needed for exposing Shane Eagle and Frank Casino for ditching him. The Hip hop Dj expressed on twitter his great disappointment at the two rappers for neglecting his request to collaborate. Frank said that he won’t entertain Speedsta that’s all.

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